Claire Mwaniki was brought down by a police bullet.

Those who have seen her say she’s pretty and vicious. Clearly, Claire Mwaniki, the female g******r s**t d**d by police yesterday morning, is a t***c mix of beauty and a k****r instinct.

At 3.16am on Wednesday, undercover police officers in Kayole, Nairobi, received a message from a colleague on their WhatsApp group, the Nation reports. Four s******s who had escaped their dragnet on Manyanja Road at 11pm were in Lower Chokaa, on Kangundo Road, the Nation reports.

She s**t back, but was k****d

The four people, according to an informer, included a woman, and were robbing residents. The description of the gang was familiar — four men and a woman, and they wore the same clothes the officers had seen a few hours earlier.

When the police accosted them in Chokaa, the four s******s attempted to escape. Two of them who had p*****s began firing back, according to the police. At the end woman and a man who were s******g at the police were k****d while the other two escaped on foot.

The d**d woman, who has been identified as Claire Mwaniki, was still clutching a B*****a p****l, which had six rounds of a********n, police said.

Kayole OCPD Joseph Gichangi said the woman is said to be the wife of a well-known r*****y s*****t, who is at large.

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After the s******g, a mysterious social media user identified the woman as Claire Mwaniki, the wife of a “notorious” r****r known as Mwaniki.

Clare’s social media profiles reveal a vibrant young woman, probably in her early or mid 20s, with multiple piercings and a silver tooth.

Images from her Social Media pages.

She describes herself as a former University of Nairobi student and a lover of life. Nairobi Police Commander Japheth Koome said many c******l gangs have female members. Cases of women being recruited into c******l gangs are on the rise.

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Besides Gaza, gangs in the city include Superpower (Eastleigh), Brothers (City Centre), Usiku Sacco (Umoja), Msako Empire (Huruma), Jeshi la Embaa (Embakasi), Munyipi (Mathare) and Kosovo Boys (Kosovo).

“The women are used to transport g**s, gather information while some even take part in r*******s,” Mr Koome said, adding that they also take food to male s******s in hiding.

He said the involvement of females in c***e is a challenge to the security as officers are not allowed to search handbags. (Source: Nation)



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