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Major Drug Trafficker Arrested in Kisii

The suspect, identified as Collins Otieno, was escorted by the police to Suneka Police Station for further processing.

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A major drug trafficker has been taken down by police in Kisii. Multiple police agencies, including the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and the Traffic Police Department, worked together to bust the 42-year-old man.

Collins Otieno was arrested along the Kisii-Migori Highway on charges of operating as a major trafficker and will soon be arraigned in court for criminal possession of a controlled substance in the first degree once investigations are due, the police said.

After receiving information about Otieno’s alleged drug trafficking, a traffic stop was initiated by the police in a roadblock they had set up at the Iyabe Bomokora area, but, in his Toyota Land Cruiser TX with a registration number KDG 508E, the drug dealer refused to pull over.

“The move prompted a hot chase, but not for long, as the Prado got stuck in a ditch, to the disappointment of the determined occupants. Even so, the driver managed to scamper into nearby thickets and holed up,” said the DCI. “Not so lucky though for Collins Otieno, who was cornered and helped to a police car alongside six sacks of bhang that were found stashed in their vehicle. A reflective motor vehicle plate with the number KDL 841X was also found in a carrier bag.”

The authorities failed to give the street value of the hard drugs but said it weighed approximately 146kg.

The suspect was escorted by the police to Suneka Police Station for further processing. They then transported the seized narcotics and the motor vehicle to Kisii Central Police Station pending investigations as they pursued one subject who was in the car with the drug dealer.

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