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Loss For Lovers is Gain for Business in Valentine Bonanza

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Entrepreneurs have largely capitalized on making money from Valentine, the 14th of February, hence making it a major business trove for traders.

On Valentine’s Day, lovers use a lot of money in pleasing each other. This has companies coming up with a variety of offers and deals tailor-made for the season of love.

The above trend has also led to the induction of couple’s dinner meetings in church organizations as well. Seemingly, no one wants to be left out.

Social media pressure

All this can, however, be attributed to the social media pressure that goes around during this season. Hardest hit are the men who are expected to heavily shower their wives/girlfriends with gifts.

Most Kenyan men have complained of the pressure of too much being expected of them barely giving them time to rest after the busy Christmas season to ‘Njanuary’.  

However, men have creatively come up with a hypothetical ‘men’s conference’ that conveniently organizes a two-day event for the gents out of the town during the valentine season. Their main complaint is that they do most of the gifting and they get nothing or too little in return, making them feel short-changed.

 In their defence, women have come out to reveal that men lack a variety of things they can be gifted with.

Valentine’s deals

This has, therefore, paved the way for entrepreneurs to not only work on products/services for women but those that cater to the men as well.

The flower and chocolate business used to be the ‘It’ business during this time. However, more ideas have come on board, creating a larger scope and variety for the same.

Pastry shops

This is the newest trick that’s been included in the flowers and chocolate package. Entrepreneurs have come up with interesting pastry flavours and décor that kills the typical notion of a cake, making them pretty to eat and look at.

These options varying from cakes, cupcakes, cake jars, fruits coated in chocolate and cookies. The pastries range from Ksh1,000 to Ksh3,500 depending on the various flavours.

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Accessory brands

This is another set of items that make a lot of sales during this period. Wallets, candles, watches, perfumes, belts, customized necklaces, earrings, branded shirts/hoodies/bomber jackets, even mugs all going between Ksh 1500 to Ksh 3000

Hotels/Restaurants and Travel agencies

These two have collaborated in creating various offers for couples depending on how much a pair is willing to spend. They offer dinner services, dinner/hotel room deals, couple activities and travel deals all ranging from Ksh5,000 to Ksh1,500,000

Valentine is not just a celebration of love but a time for businesses to boom as well, with an average couple having to spend about Ksh2000 and more.

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Phanice Mumbi
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