Phanice Mumbi

Phanice Mumbi holds a Diploma in Journalism and Multimedia from Africa Digital Media Institute. She can be reached on email at: [email protected]

Rise of Workplace Husbands and Wives Shaking Up Offices

While the trend of having work-spouses is growing, majority of these relationships remain secret affairs.

Loss For Lovers is Gain for Business in Valentine Bonanza

Most men have complained of the pressure of too much being expected of them, barely giving them time to rest after the busy Christmas season.

Valentine’s Day: Lonely Hearts Can Find Love in Unusual Ways

Women around the globe have come forward to nullify the narrative of the 14th February solely being a day of couples.

Magic Behind Moi’s Rungu, the Rose Flower and Other Mysteries

President Moi will also be remembered for his sharp dressing during his 24-year reign. He always wore British tailor-made suits.

Blue Band Family Grows as Three New Brands are Born

The new products include Blue Band Peanut Butter, Blue Band Real Mayonnaise and Blue Band Cold Pressed Canola oil.

Veteran Film Director on a Roll With Women

Kenji Gathecha discovered his passion for film making in his final year in college while studying business.

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