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Exploring The Booming Business Scene In Kenya

Having access to capital, whether through investors or government grants, will ensure that your firm has the resources it needs to expand and thrive in this competitive industry

How To Help Your Customers Market Your Business

Marketing is tricky, there's no doubt about it. That's why so many business owners hire marketing agencies to do the hard work for them. However, when you're at the beginning of your business journey, or you've reached a point where you're struggling a little...

The Making Of a Kenyan Craft Beverage Brand

Alex Chappatte, a British-Belgian mother of two, has a passion for adventure, running and making delicious drinks.  After 10 years of building brands such as Kit Kat and Stella Artois in the UK, she moved to Africa with her husband.

Planning To Buy A Business? Here’s Some Important Advice

When someone decides to acquire a business, there are several factors to consider, especially if it is their first. We will attempt to reveal to you many things that are quite vital. Where to Find Them There are numerous options for locating the ideal business for...

Keys To Growing From Solo Entrepreneur To Business Leader

If you have been able to run a business by yourself, you definitely have the drive to continue progressing to the next level.

The Third Eye Every Business Needs

Having a business coach not only ensures that the company increases it revenue but also attains its aims within a shorter period of time