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How To Help Your Customers Market Your Business

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Marketing is tricky, there’s no doubt about it. That’s why so many business owners hire marketing agencies to do the hard work for them. However, when you’re at the beginning of your business journey, or you’ve reached a point where you’re struggling a little financially, then taking on some of the marketing work yourself can be necessary.

The good news is that there’s no reason why your own marketing can’t be just as effective as that of a marketing team. The truly great news is that some of the best marketing will be done by your customers, so once you set the ball rolling, you can sit back and watch the results happen. These are a selection of the best strategies for helping your customers to market your business for you.

Make The Most Of Every Review

If you already have an established business and are regularly getting positive reviews then you’re more than half way there already. A positive review is the next closest thing to a word of mouth recommendation from a friend, so if you can encourage your customers to leave positive reviews, all the better. Make sure that there are plenty of avenues for them to write their reviews.

A Google Business account should be a given, but you can also tailor the rest of your review accounts to suit your business. For example, a plumbing business might find they have a lot of luck with Check a Trade, as this site specialises in reviewing tradespeople. This means that those searching for a plumber might search here ahead of Google Reviews.

Another example would be somebody running an online casino site, they might have more success listing their site on Asiabet, a dedicated analyst of the best online casinos in India than they would through Google Reviews. Again, people will visit this site because they’re looking specifically for great online casinos that are local to them. Sometimes specialist sites can be a brilliant choice, so it’s worth researching to find out if there’s one to suit your business.

Create a Testimonials Page

Whilst reviews on other platforms will certainly do well for your business, including some of the best ones on your own website is a great idea. Testimonials pages are the perfect way to show your potential customers how well your product or service could work for them. Depending on your business, often the best testimonials include images or even videos, so choosing customers that you have a great rapport with is essential. Once you’ve asked your favorite customers to take an image and write a review, it’s time to curate them into a page that’s easy to understand at a glance and will really showcase the scope of your work.

Capitalize On Social Media

Social media is constantly changing, especially at the moment with the Elon Musk takeover. However, there are still plenty of marketing techniques that remain just as effective as they’ve ever been. Competitions are a great social media marketing tool as they allow you to give something to your customers whilst also receiving massive exposure. There are all kinds of different ways that you can make competitions work for your business.

One of the most popular is a simple like, share and tag competition. Where you take a photograph of a giveaway item or service and ask your followers to like the image, share it to their own profile and tag a friend or two in it. This is a simple way of reaching the close connections of your target audience that will cost you only a giveaway hamper.

If you’d like to see bigger results then you can always pay sites like Facebook and Instagram to promote your post to a wider audience. This does increase the cost of your marketing but it also massively increases the reach of your post, helping you to find more new customers. Once your giveaway ends it’s important to make a big fuss of the winner, including at least one post that you can share with your followers.

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