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Most huge people have always wanted to be slim. Just another day my friend who has recently grown big asked me what to do to lose weight.

While different people will give you different views, including to stop eating lunch, there are better methods you can use to keep fit. Here are few but free steps you can follow to keep fit.

1) Eating right: Most people have a habit of taking junks. If you want to maintain a good shape you have to be disciplined on your diet. This doesn’t mean you skip a meal. You can have have all your meals but in small portions. Don’t skip your breakfast just have something to keep you on moving, ten o’clock a snack, lunch, 4pm tea and supper.

2) Eat food that fills you up: Instead of eating a lot of food. Eat food that will fill you up. Take porridge, potato, oranges and avocados. Eating such kind will fill your body up faster hence consuming less calories.

3) Cut down the junk: When you feel hungry eat a fruit. Make sure you always have fruits in your house.  Whenever you feel hungry take a fruit or veggies.

4) Eat healthy meals: teach yourself to eat non-oily food.

5) Stop eating when you are full: Never force yourself to finish dinner instead wrap it and keep it in a fridge. Give your body time to digest the food and let you know that you are full.

6) Combine eating healthy with being healthy:  Go easy on yourself. Don’t always watch TV while sleeping on the couch you can stand or walk around the house during commercial breaks – this will help you to burn more calories.

7) Increase your activity level: Before you do anything in the morning do some sit-ups.
8) Exercise when possible: If your workplace is near your home walk. When walking, do so quickly as this will increase your metabolism.

9) Get up now and stretch: If you are in office get up every hour and walk around the office. During your lunch break go for a walk around your block. If people are giving you weird looks ignore them or say you are going for coffee.

10) Stay healthy: Sleep is essential for your body, for it to repair itself. Get at least 7-10 hours’ sleep every day. Before you sleep at night you can calm your day by taking a cup of coffee or listening to smooth music.

11) Do things in moderation: Run for half an hour each day. Eat chocolate once in a week and you will see the change.



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