The EAC e-passport has a 10-year validity period. [Photo/ Hapakenya]
The EAC e-passport has a 10-year validity period. [Photo/ Hapakenya]

Kenyans have until November 30 to acquire the biometric passports, as the government looks to stem confusion among travelers occasioned by various deadline changes and directives from different consulates and embassies.

Already, some countries including Spain and a number of European Union (EU) countries no longer accept the old-generation Kenyan passport, which lacks various security features including a chip embedded with the traveler’s information and travel history. The chip is among passport security standards laid down by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Immigration Director-General Alexander Muteshi cited East African Community (EAC) commitments on migration to the new e-passports as he urged Kenyans with the old passport to make the switch in time.

“Pursuant to the decision by EAC Council of Ministers held in Arusha from November 22 to 29, 2021, the deadline for phasing out of the old generation passport for EAC Member States is November 2022,” he noted on Thursday, September 22.

“In line with this decision, the Directorate of Immigration Services wishes to inform the general public that Kenya is bound to migrate to the new East African Community biometric e-passport by November 30.”

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The transition is expected to improve data privacy and protection efforts as the old-generation Kenyan passport has been vulnerable to cases of forgeries and impersonation. The EAC e-passport has a 10-year validity period.

The directive will see Kenyans with the old passport barred from travelling after November 30. The confusion so far among travelers has been on the communication – with the government extending the deadlines while various foreign nations announce that they will no longer accept the old-generation passports.

Kenya started issuing the biometric passport in 2018, but the process has been marred by delays and extensions.

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