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KRA TV: Taxman Launches TV Station

Besides scheduled programming such as Tax Talks, Tax Thursdays and Stori za Ushuru, the station will also offer downloadable content for taxpayers

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The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has announced plans to launch its own web-based TV station. Known as KRA TV, the station is set to go live on October 3, 2022.

The station will air simplified tax and customs content in a bid to enhance tax literacy, increase voluntary tax compliance and help propel the tax base. It will be accessible via the KRA website.

Besides scheduled programming such as Tax Talks, Tax Thursdays and Stori za Ushuru, the station will also offer downloadable content for taxpayers.

“The “KRA TV” platform will be hosted on the KRA website and drive a demand-based viewership. The station will host customized tax content that the public may consume at their convenience,” KRA noted in a statement.

The  station’s planned launch will coincide with the launch of the 2022 Taxpayers’ Month – an annual event meant to celebrate compliant taxpayers. The KRA recorded its highest ever revenue growth in the financial year ended June 2022 as it collected Ksh2.031 trillion, up from Ksh1.669 trillion in the 2020/21 financial year.

KRA surpassed the original target of Ksh1.882 trillion contained in the Budget Policy Statement as well as the revised revenue target of Ksh1.91 trillion, which was later revised upward again to Ksh1.976 trillion. KRA Commissioner General Githii Mburu attributed the performance to factors including enhanced active surveillance and enforcement operations undertaken in collaboration with the multi-agency team.

The authority has, however, come under pressure along with government policy makers for an unpredictable tax regime, over-taxation and harassment of businesses by KRA enforcement officials. President William Ruto while campaigning promised to end the harassment of businesses by KRA and focus on expanding the tax base.

In his address to Parliament on September 29, he supported the renaming of the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) to the Kenya Revenue Service (KRS). He also announced that his administration would introduce measures to reduce taxes on trade and increase taxation of high net-worth individuals.

“We want to make it a people-friendly, customer-centric organization. I am of the view that we rename it The Kenya Revenue Service. In line with the proposed transformation,” Ruto stated.

The plans to rename KRA have been in the pipeline as the taxman looks to improve his public image.

“The term “Authority” sometimes has a connotation of a command. It is like we are in a command position. Commanding is not the real role of KRA. We are the servants of the people who are the taxpayers.

“We are giving them services. We are working with the people and it is for this reason that we strongly believe that our role is of service delivery to the people,” KRA board chair Francis Muthaura told journalists in December 2021.

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