Insideout Development CEO Hannah Muchuki. She says the idea behind Founders Breakfast Kenya was necessitated by the need to address challenges facing entrepreneurs in the country and Africa at large.

 Founders Breakfast Kenya, a local monthly business event, has announced its third edition which will take place on Saturday March 2.

The forum, which will be held at The Lord Erroll in Runda, Nairobi, seeks to bring together diverse entrepreneurs to share their journey, challenges & successes in a bid to grow their businesses. The platform is also aimed at providing an opportunity for the participants to interact and network.

The coming edition’s theme is dubbed, leveraging on Social Media to Create Revenue, in an effort to enlighten entrepreneurs on how they can use social media to build strong and profitable brands.

Some of the speakers expected to grace the event, are successful entrepreneurs who have tapped on the digital world to grow renowned brands. They are expected to demonstrate to the participants how they have created working businesses, via social media.

They include Timothy Kimani aka Blessed Njugush, CEO and founder of Njugush Creatives, media personality and social media influencer Anita Nderu as well Waweru Kuria, the Founder of online Financial services platform, InukaPap.

The event is organised by Money Series Africa an online business magazine and Insideout Development, a local branding couch firm.

Commenting about the coming event, Insideout Development CEO Hannah Muchuki, said the idea behind the forum was necessitated by the need to address challenges facing entrepreneurs in the country and Africa at large.

“They say, 80 percent of our economy is supported by the private sector which largely consists of the small and medium enterprises. On the other hand, most of these businesses fall before they are 5 years of age. Founders Breakfast Kenya is committed to ensure that we bring together all businesses and share ideas on how to address this,” Ms Muchuki said.

“Looking at this edition’s theme, we realised that social media has a great potential of helping a lot of our local businesses showcase their products and services to the World. I mean, it is way cheaper in terms of cutting on marketing costs,” she added.

The second edition was graced by the Founder of Suzie Beauty Cosmetics Suzie Wokabi, Founder and CEO of Hyssop Properties Naftali Mwangi and Kennedy Nyabwala, the Chief Executive and Founder of Bwala Africa Group.

In the recent past, businesses and individuals are now more aggressive and engaging on social media with the aim of pushing forward their brands and content.

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According to the latest report by the Communications Authority of Kenya, the total number of active Internet/data subscriptions by the end of September 2018 stood at 42.2 million up from 41.1 million subscriptions reported end of June 2018 marking a growth of 2.7 percent.


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