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Why Kenyan Entrepreneurs Should Write Their Stories

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As one who teaches entrepreneurship, I find it difficult to find systematic reliable records of local entrepreneurs to use as case studies. Teaching and learning the subject hence becomes boring and abstract.

Understandably, Kenyan students find it difficult to relate to the stories of foreign entrepreneurs. Local entrepreneurs could greatly support local business schools by penning down their experiences especially at startup and early growth phases.

One of the best ways to pass on actionable knowledge to the next generation is having it documented while still vivid. I, therefore, plead with our local entrepreneurs to always take notes as they go by their daily routines.

Their stories may not be as celebrated as those of the Bezos, Ambanis, Dangotes, and Jack Mas of this world, neither will they sell millions of copies, but they are our own.

They are set in our local context and therefore more relevant to local students and startups. These first-hand testimonies will help our youth learn from the entrepreneurs themselves and not from distorted rumors and half-truths. 

Furthermore telling ones story, especially through a book, is actually good business. It gives the author visibility, credibility in their industry and useful feedback.

To make their record more youth friendly and affordable, entrepreneurs could use the modern technologies of podcasts and e-books instead of hard cover publications.

A truthful account of their lifelong methods, successes and failures is the best gift responsible entrepreneurs can leave behind for others to apply and improve on. 

This way our entrepreneurship study and practice ecosystem will be highly enriched, making Kenyan entrepreneurs of tomorrow better than those of today and yesterday.

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DR KEVIN WACHIRAhttp://www.businesstoday.co.ke
Dr. Kevin Wachira is  a Lecturer in the School of Business and Economics at South Eastern Kenya University, Kitui. Email: [email protected]    
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