Dr Anastasia Nyalita, KAPI chairperson.

Kenya’s pharmaceutical umbrella body has joined the African Medicines Regulatory Harmonisation partnership platform(AMRH-PP) as its joint secretariat.

The move by the Kenya Association of Pharmaceuticals Industry (KAPI) sets the stage for the creation and implementation of regulations geared towards harmonisation and alignment of pharma products to the WHO priorities.

Speaking when announcing this new partnership, KAPI’s Chairperson Dr Anastasia Nyalita described it as timely as the pharmaceutical industry has been dealing with cases of unregulated pharmaceuticals and the proliferation of the same.

“We are pleased to finally be members of the AMRH-PP as the joint secretariat. This partnership henceforth is one that will ensure that we deliver the much needed quality healthcare, through proper alignment and strengthening of our regulatory systems,” said Dr Nyalita.

The African Medicines Regulatory Harmonization partnership platform(AMRH-PP) is the African Chapter of the WHO Coalition of Interested Parties (WHO-CIP) whose mandate is to serve African interests and priorities in the medicine regulatory space, which will in the long run improve the public health sector in Africa.

“KAPI’s mission is to promote ethical, innovative and responsible healthcare industry, and through this partnership we become part of a team that is all working towards the same goal, for the consumer’s benefit. Better regulations in the long run translate to not only quality products and services but also affordability of the same,” Dr Nyalita added.

With Kenya’s large market for pharmaceutical products, the risk of unregulated pharmaceuticals is one that could have dire effects on the consumers, both within the country and in the region at large.

It is for this reason that KAPI and other pharmaceutical industry players have been pushing the agenda of regulation, through the dispensation of quality health products and services.

This partnership of a wider scale also serves in the interest of the achievement of the government agenda for quality Universal Healthcare, which is likely to be achieved through this and many more similar collaborations by players in the same industry.

The AMRH-PP launched the AMRH Week on 10th December and hosted its second annual meeting on 12th December in Kigali, Rwanda. In attendance for the meeting was KAPI, WBG AND IFPMA among other members.



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