Jimmi Gathu in a scene from the show Kina. He is a celebrated media personality and actor in Kenya. [Photo/ Showmax]
Jimmi Gathu in a scene from the show Kina. He is a celebrated media personality and actor in Kenya. [Photo/ Showmax]

Legendary media personality Jimmi Gathu in March made a highly anticipated comeback to the limelight.

The celebrated presenter and actor was unveiled as the new host of the Saturday afternoon show on Spice FM, owned by Standard Group. From the reactions that followed the announcement, you could tell that many had missed his voice on the airwaves.

In the past week, he took to the mic at Spice FM to open up on the difficulties he faced after losing his job at Nation FM in 2016. Having been a big-name, recognizable figure for most of his career, Gathu was stunned when he lost his job.

He was used to being poached, not being fired. Gathu revealed that many of his friends turned their backs on him.

As he was struggling financially, he one day texted one of his friends to send him a thousand shillings. As Gathu would later find out – in a mocking fashion, the friend immediately told their mutual friends that Gathu was borrowing money from him.

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“I was declared redundant in 2016, at the height of my game. And I kept saying, how dare you fire Jimmi Gathu? It killed me completely.”

“Here’s another reality. Some people like you or are drawn to you because of what you can give them. So when what you can give them dissapears, we ni nani? (Who are you?)” Gathu stated.

Gathu has in previous interviews credited his wife with helping him stay above water after he was fired.

He was able to bounce back, establishing his own communications consultancy firm JG Inc and landing acting roles. As an industry veteran, Gathu notes that he only wishes he was armed with the information he has now on intellectual property and brand development as he started his career.

In addition to acting and hosting several shows on TV and radio, in his storied career Gathu has also been the face of various brands and campaigns including the infamous Wachana na mpango wa kando ad.

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