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Startup to Scale Up: How to Get the Best Talent For Your Business

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Among the many elements that make a successful business, getting the right people for your team ranks pretty high. Put simply, whether you are looking for entry-level staff for your day-to-day operations or you need a real leader to push your business to the next level, identifying and hiring the right kind of talent is a surefire way to build longterm success.

However, there’s plenty to think about when it comes to the hiring process, and for any startups currently scaling up, ensuring your new hires are engaged with your business plan and on board with your company culture, as well as possessing the right skills and experience, should be a priority.

So, whether you’re a team of one or you’re already making waves in your local startup scene, here we take a look at how to get the best people for your business.

Be Unique & Authentic

Unique working environments and authentic experiences can be just as important for candidates as salary and benefits. The popularity of Google and Apple as employers stems, not only from their high profiles but also from their unique offices and authentic approach to work

Where possible, offer flexible working hours, inspiring offices and the option to work at home. Additionally, building an authentic work ethic into your company from the beginning can help attract the best talent that refuses to be constrained by the usual 9 to 5.

Opportunities for Career Growth

This should go without saying but ensuring employees can develop and grow within your company is a huge incentive. Today, positions that offer no prospective growth for employees are seen as dead ends, and many won’t stay longer than a few years if this is the case.

In order to find and keep the best talent, your company should offer room for development through education and regular training, as well as regular corporate activities and team-building exercises.

Treat People as Individuals

When companies truly care for their employees and treat them as individuals, the same sentiments will be reciprocated to colleagues, clients, and customers. When companies are searching for the best people to push their startup into the stratosphere, this concept goes double.

If you treat potential talent as just another face on a resume, then they’re likely to recognize a toxic working environment—and even the most lucrative benefits package won’t be enough to secure their services.

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Treating candidates as individuals, however, immediately fosters a sense of trust and understanding, allowing the hiring process to be enjoyable for all parties. In turn, this will help you uncover the real person behind the layers of interview techniques and platitudes, ensuring you can more easily assess whether your candidate is the right person for the job.

Use Existing Employees

The people who already work for your company are much more than just employees, they also have their own networks, resources, and contacts that can be extremely valuable to you. Whenever you are searching for new talent, reach out to your employees and ask whether they know anyone who fits the profile. You may be surprised to find that the very best talent often comes through word of mouth.

Use Social Media

When actively searching for new talent, social media is a great alternative to the usual channels. Firstly, take control of your company image through your social media portals and ensure that any potential candidates enjoy a positive experience when researching your company.

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Additionally, for startups who want to fill very specific roles, leveraging social media networks and industry groups is the ideal way to find that needle in a haystack.

Think About the Entire Employee Experience

When it comes to employee experience, your company shouldn’t forget that outgoing talent can also affect incoming talent. Essentially, the reputation of your company will affect candidate decisions, and if you’re leaving a bad impression on ex-employees, this is likely to be known in the wider world.

Think about the entire employee experience, from interview through onboarding to offboarding. Here, a HR and recruitment company can help you to ensure that candidates are happy to join your team and retain positive memories once the employment has been terminated.

This is crucial when spreading the word of how you can offer potential candidates the very best conditions, benefits, and a welcoming company culture.

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