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Honey, will you marry me? and other fun jokes about high flour prices

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The current wave of rising commodity prices has left Kenyans with pinched pockets. The cost of sugar, flour and milk has literally pushed through the roof, hurting most Kenyans, especially the low-income earners, yet some still find a reason to smile and laugh about it.

To make it worse, there is a shortage of these commodities in supermarkets and most retail outlets. Supermarkets have shifted blame to producers, accusing them of hoarding the items.

They say the prices of commodities are dictated by the manufacturers over which they have no control. Kenyans are hopeful that imports of sugar and flour will soon offer some relief, but they have been turning this pain into a subject of satire and sarcasm.

Here is a collection of some memes that were doing rounds this week:


Maize flour has become such a priced commodity and someone felt it can be used in marriage proposal, perhaps because it’s now the most important thing in people’s lives now.

CALL IN SECURITY: With these high prices, having such a heavy load of Unga when others can’t afford it can easily make you a target for robbers and some security will be necessary.

OH NOOOOOO!! Someone even compared the current price of flour with the cost of commercial sex. Talk of inflationary pleasure!!!!

HAHAHAHA!!! This man is not giving anything to chance and sleeping with one eye open, lest a neighour pass by for some “shopping” of milk, sugar and flour. He is fully armed to tackle any intruder.

This could mean two things: The the spike in milk prices and second it’s really a high order affording the precious commodity which, incidentally, goes hand in hand with sugar.  Many people can just salivate underneath this cow.

Then there was this one…..Bt jubilii wanatuzoeaaa, unga wakapandisha bei maziwa juu. Walai wakiguza kuku ati wapandishe beiii, heee watajua saa waluya hatupendi ujinga.

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