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Eastmatt management casually describes the man as an “individual” who acted in his own capacity. [ Photo / Super Deals Kenya ]

EastMatt Supermarket assault video of a male supervisor clobbering a female cashier that spooked many Kenyans has raised questions over the company’s human resources policy after the retail chain tried to cover-up the issue.

Even though the supermarket says it has suspended the offensive employee, this action is seen as a slap on the wrist for a criminal offence that is certainly a police case and an attempt to derail the course of justice.

The supermarket is still hiding the identity and name of the culprit when the video clip that captured the abusive incident clearly shows the man as he first slaps the lady on her face before homing in on her with more slaps and blows. [ video at the bottom ]

Drama as others watch

Before the CCTV video went on social media, the supermarket had conspicuously gone silent on it, according to insiders. It was forced to come out after concerned employees leaked the footage to the outside world.

The incident took place at the Kitengela EastMatt on Friday 22nd November. The management reacted a day later!

In a statement released today, the management casually describes the man as an “individual” who acted in his own capacity and has since suspended him. It makes no effort to explain what the incident was all about.

“We as EastMatt condemn and do not stand for such heinous acts of disrespect against any of our staff and more so women,” the statement by EastMatt Kenya reads.

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If it meant these words, it would have first detained the man and ordered his immediate arrest.

“The individual in question acted solely and has been suspended with a report officially being filed to the Kajiado County Police,” EastMatt says.

In Kenya, reporting an incident to the police is often the beginning of a cover-up scheme, which gives suspects time to disappear or plan their defence.

The slap – one, two, three…

The hapless EastMatt supermarket cashier is said to have been taken to hospital for medical care. Her condition remains unknown.

The injuries are feared to be severe especially on her face as the man is seen raining blows on her even as she unsuccessfully tries to escape and his colleagues try to retrain him.

After the first slap, the lady holds up her hands apparently to protect herself from the aggressor. She’s holding what looks like a bundle of notes.

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The man then hits her again and pulls her by the hair before hitting the back of her head. There must have been a verbal exchange but the video did not capture sound

At this point, the cashier grabs his hand but he is clearly stronger and flips her off her seat, sending her tumbling into the supermarket isles. Still gripping her, he serves her more slaps and fists before a man presumably a staffer jumps into the scuffle and saves the lady.

Video of the drama at Eastmatt

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