Health Cabinet Secretary Sicily Kariuki(right) and Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohammed

Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board (KMPD) has recommended a 20 percent reduction on doctors’ professional fees.

This comes after a review of the 2016 Doctor’s Professional Fees Charges recommended by the National assembly’s Departmental Committee of Health.

The plan to reduce the professional fees has been opposed by doctors even Insurance Companies threaten to increase their premiums to cover the high cost of healthcare. The doctors say only the maximum fees should be reduced. 

The National Assembly last year requested that the minimum doctor’s fees should be slashed while the doctors proposed reduction on the maximum fees by 20 percent.

After extensive consultations with stakeholders the medics have proposed a 20 percent reduction on the minimum and 20 percent cut on the maximum fees stipulated on the 2016 professional fees.



In a statement sent to media houses, Health Cabinent Secretary Sicily Kariuki said a “multi-sectoral team comprising of KMPD, KEMSA, NHIF, PPB, KMA, Kenya private hospital association among others shall be set up to work in a comprehensive review of all components contributing to the cost of healthcare including: pharmaceuticals, non-pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, hospitality other professional services and utilities.”

She said institutional reforms including the business process re-engineering at NHIFwill be initiated to respond to the issues of access and affordability of health services country wide.

The Council of Governors will be consulted in the course of reform processes as the county governments are key partners in the delivery and success of Universal Health Coverage and to reduce the demand of private health sector services.


“Further, I wish to emphasis that the Ministry takes note of the extremely expensive cost of training doctors for the country and especially in the development of specialists. We therefore must ensure that as a country, we are able to retain our doctors as they continue to provide health services to all Kenyans,” said Kariuki.

The CS noted given that the 2016 fees structure would have seen a 21% increase this year, the reduction cumulatively amounts to 41%, adding the goodwill of doctors in the process of supporting Universal Health Coverage by improving access and assuring affordability is appreciated.

She said the government is aware of the extremely high cost of treating doctors, adding they would ensure that the country is able to retain them so as to offer quality services to Kenyans.

The report together with its recommendations will be submitted to the National Assembly’s Departmental Committee on Health.

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