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European Firm To Channel Water Treatment Chemicals to Kenya

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German-based water treatment firm will be providing industrial water and wastewater treatment chemical products to the Kenyan and larger African markets after signing a deal with Davis and Shirtliff.

The firm which is a subsidiary of Kurita Water Industries from Japan will be the first of its kind for Kurita within the East African region. The German-based firm signed a distribution deal with Davis and Shirtliff in an effort to expand the two firms’ product portfolio, reach and customer base.

Davis and Shirtliff CEO David Gatende said the partnership will see the company introduce a wide range of Kurita’s manufactured industrial water and wastewater treatment chemical products to the Kenyan and larger African markets. The company will achieve this by capitalizing on its customer base in Africa.

“With this new partnership, Davis & Shirtliff intends to become a key player in the water treatment chemicals segment. Kurita has a long history of innovation and technical expertise and with access to the wide range of innovative Kurita chemicals as well as its global expertise and footprint, Davis & Shirtliff will now be able to increasingly grow its capabilities in industrial water and wastewater treatment and offer cost-effective solutions in a wide range of products and services,” said the Group CEO, David Gatende.

According to its 2019 report, Kurita is strengthening the foundations of its business to provide comprehensive solutions on a global level.

“We have been building our business presence in a number of regions and since 2018, the Group has been focused on expanding growth opportunities,” the report says in part.

Founded in 1949, Kurita has over 6,500 employees worldwide, generating a turnover of approximately 2.3 billion USD. Davis and Shirtliff top man affirmed that his company did a good reconnaissance check on Kurita before signing the distribution deal.

“We have been testing the quality of the Kurita products at various customer sites to evaluate their efficiency and effectiveness and are satisfied that the products have passed every single quality test we have conducted on them,” he said.

In addition to the quality tests on Kurita products, Davis and Shirtliff’s water treatment personnel underwent technical training on how to use the chemicals once they hit the local markets. The training, Gatende said, will be a continuous process for their personnel.

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Some of the Kurita products that Davis & Shirtliff will be distributing across Africa include: Cetamine, the latest technology in Boiler water treatment and the Biocide Kuriverter IK 110 which is used to prevent bio-fouling in Reverse Osmosis membranes.

The Kuriverter IK 110 is the only biocide in the world to be approved with NSF certificate for on-stream use in membrane system. It eliminates use of chlorine traditionally used for preventing RO membrane biofouling. Also eliminates dosing of Sodium Metabisulphite for dechlorination before water enters the membranes.

The deal with Kurita is however not just limited to the aforementioned distribution pact with more partnerships already in the works between the two firms according to Mr. Gatende.

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