The Dimension Data logo displayed at a past event
The Dimension Data logo displayed at a past event

Dimension Data on Tuesday, November 10 revealed details of its enhanced threat intelligence center, with industry leading capabilities meant to empower businesses on the cyber-security front.

The enhanced capabilities include data driven automation, incident response and improved security operations.

Importantly, the centre is meant to deal with the common challenge of security alerts remaining unresolved or unseen after being flagged due to the sheer amount of threats identified by existing systems.

“The enhanced capabilities will enable organizations to collect data about security threats from multiple sources and respond to them with limited human assistance.

“The Threat Intelligence Center integrates existing cybersecurity solutions for improved efficiency in physical intervention and digital security operations, empowering organizations to develop well-structured standard operating procedures for cyber security,” a statement from the organization read in part.

Aerial view of a section of Westlands, Nairobi
View of a section of Westlands, Nairobi

Dr. Bright Mawudor, Managed Security Services & Consulting Practice Lead at Dimension Data East Africa, described current systems used by numerous organizations as inefficient and underutilized.

He observed that ignored breaches and security alerts often had major ramifications on businesses and their operations.

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“Such breaches, if successful, attract hefty penalties from regulators and also have catastrophic effects on business operations. Regulations in the region are becoming more stringent with compliance requirements ever growing.

“Dimension Data’s Threat Intelligence Centre addresses this risk by accurately documenting incidents, automatically resolving them both simultaneously and in a very short time using customized intelligent scripts,” he maintained.

Despite being able to view malicious or suspicious activity on their systems, many organizations lack the capacity to identify and address all threats in a timely manner.

This leads to a situation where several threats remain unmitigated, with some capable of causing real damage.

Mawudor observed that security personnel required a lot of man hours and collaboration to efficiently handle all potential attacks and threats.

Cases of fatigue among security analysts, for example, often lead to them missing important elements of various cyber-threats and impending attacks.

Ishmael Muli, Head of Intelligent security at Dimension Data East Africa, noted that their offering to clients was a streamlined process to take on all threats.

“We’re simplifying the process for clients to accelerate use case adoption, streamline the integration process, and create and share context thus creating more robust security program overall.

“A resilient organization should have visibility of their systems at all times and be able to respond in time to cyber-attacks or unauthorized activities, but many organizations still face major challenges as a result of too many systems, lack of adequate human resources and limited skills to tackle the evolving threat landscape,” he asserted.

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