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CS Echesa and Kakamega senator blackmail war goes online

Political rivalry between Kakamega Senator Cleo Malala and Cabinet Secretary Rashid Echesa has turned obscene after a nude photo was thrown into the war.

The political rivalry started sometime back but was heightened when the CS claimed that Deputy President William Ruto gave the Senator Ksh4.5 million to construct and furnish his house in a radio interview on October 22nd. The senator denied the claims and added he was living at Shibale, a local shopping centre in Kakamega County.

CS Echesa claims to have ‘helped out’ Malala by introducing him to the Deputy President who changed his life and helped him get financial aid for his home construction. Echesa added that after construction stalled, Malala got an additional Ksh1.5 million to finish his roofing and other finishings.

On 3rd July 2018, the altercation took an ugly turn. At around 9:26pm, Malala sent the first nude photo of a man taking a selfie with a lady, threatening he would leak the photo and package it to look like CS Echesa, who reported the matter to the DCI.

Turns out, the photo he used is of a South African man published sometime back in a tabloid newspaper. The photo resurfaced after CS Echesa went for the radio interview and talked about Malala’s housing issue on live radio.

The two threatened each other on Whatsapp.

On Mashujaa Day, October 20th and in the presence of the presidency, top government officials and other dignitaries, the Senator hired goons to heckle the cabinet secretary. The senator, it appears, has been on a mission to tarnish the name of the youthful cabinet secretary.

Senator Malala later sent three journalists, now accused and arrested for editing nude photos, to CS Echesa. The reason presented to Echesa was for the CS to give them financial support, which he did, and the senator used the texts to frame Echesa as the one who hired the journalists to create the edit nude photos of the senator.

The photo going round as CS Echesa had been used in a south African newspaper.


The senator has been challenged to submit the phones of the arrested journalists in order to get accurate accounts of the evidence. Further evidence reveals that the senator has been in constant communication with the arrested journalists for two weeks.

Leaked screenshots show the unfolding of events between the two western Kenya politicians. The Sports and Heritage Cabinet Secretary is understood to be pushing for a conclusive and swift action to tame the issue.

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