Gladys Shollei has finally divorced former Standard Group MD Sam Shollei.
Gladys Shollei has finally divorced former Standard Group MD Sam Shollei. Photo/Nation

Uasin Gishu County Women Representative Gladys Boss Shollei has divorced former Standard Group Managing Director Sam Shollei after a series of downplayed court hearings.

The two managed to hide their marital issues from the media until when the divorce was finalized. In a ruling delivered early last week, the former Chief Registrar of the Judiciary ‘won’ the case against her ex-husband as she was allowed to keep the urban home in Kitisuru Estate Nairobi and the matrimonial farm in Uasin Gishu.

Gladys Shollei has reportedly been given full custody of the couple’s children and she indicated in her suit papers that she doesn’t need any maintenance from her previous husband.

The two have been having issues with their marriage with Gladys Shollei yearning so much for a divorce. On several occasions, she obtained orders barring her then-husband Sam Shollei over claims of infidelity.

The former Standard Group MD is said to have eloped with a junior employee at Standard Group, Faith Rono. The affair between Rono and Mr. Shollei was an open secret at the Mombasa road-based media house.

The former Standard Group MD was also known to eye two other girls in the media house. However, he finally settled on the junior staff Faith Rono who is almost 30 years younger than him. Peers of the former CEO have indicated that Sam Shollei might be going through a serious mid-life c****s.

When she met with Sam Shollei, Faith Rono was working as a reporter for the Standard. However, her engagements with the MD made her rise up the ranks fast as she was soon promoted to be the Corporate Communications Manager.

Reports suggest that as their affair grew, Sam Shollei moved to Faith Rono’s house in Lang’ata after he was barred from the Ksh 700 million palatial home in Kitusuru. Friends of Faith Rono and Sam Shollei have indicated that the couple recently had a traditional marriage ceremony which was witnessed by their family and friends in Uasin Gishu.

Sam Shollei does not seem to be as much affected by the divorce except the fact that he lost both the Kitisuru and the Uasin Gishu homesteads.

Business Today understands that the divorce suit was lodged by Gladys in 2016. In the suit, Gladys accused Sam of abandoning the family, refusing to provide for it, denial of conjugal rights and being a*****e.

At some point, after Gladys and Sam were separated, Rono broke up with Sam as she had previously thought that it’s Gladys who was going to move out of the Kitusuru home. The two later came back together and are now living as husband and wife.

Sam Shollei currently works for disgraced businessman Kamlesh Pattni as a consultant.

Gladys Shollei was controversially pushed out of the powerful Judicial Service Commission on a*********s of c********n. She was elected as a Women Representative in Uasin Gishu County in 2017.


  1. life is vanity if a man leaves his beautiful wife and family to run after girls much younger than his daughters.
    Besides within no time he will be incapable of satisfying the young girl in bed.
    Sam should be ashamed in the eyes of his children, clients, friends and family.
    It is vanity,
    Sam you are chasing after wind.


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