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Conference allows delegates to come with babies, nannies

The 3rd Annual Private Sector Conference on Sustainable Inclusive Business takes place on Friday at the United States International University (USIU).
While this year’s conference focuses on new economy, transformation and future proof businesses, there is something a lot more interesting that has raised the curiosity of delegates.
The conference organisers decided to actually put to practice what Sustainable Inclusive Business (SIB) Kenya, the organisation behind the event, preaches.
Delegates have been asked to bring their own reusable water bottles. The organisers, through their partners, are providing  clean water at a central location. This essentially means no disposable plastic water bottles will be provided on the table, completely eliminating plastic from the event.
Another notable feature of most conferences is notebook, which most delegates rarely use, and pen. To reduce wastage and conserve resources, conference delegates have been asked to bring their own notebook and pen.
SIB also made a bet on something which might not go very well with many delegates. The meals served at the event will be purely vegetarian while refreshments will be organic, again provided by SIB partners such as Bbrood, Mlango Farm, Bio, Azuri Health, SafariLounge and Fresh n Easy.
Finally, delegates have advised that the care of their babies need not worry them. They can come along with their babies and nannies. Organisers have made arrangements for a lactation station by Better Business Practices, an initiative of KEPSA and UNICEF, aimed at Improving maternal and infant nutrition through making the workplaces mother and baby friendly.
The objective of SIBKenya is to support businesses to become Sustainable and Inclusive. Among other things, it provides support to businesses to improve their practices and take responsibility for their full business impact.
“We promote, support and push businesses to thrive and be better for the world,” says SIBKenya coordinator Karin Boomsma.
She adds, “we believe every business can and should contribute to a sustainable and inclusive economy, a new economy where we measure success in the well being of People, Communities and the Environment.”

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