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We hope that Coke Studio Sessions will provide small, daily moments of entertainment for those adjusting to their Covid-19 new normal. [ Photo / Courtesy ]

BeApp, a new live music streaming platform, and Coca-Cola on 22nd May announced the launch of Coke Studio Sessions, an exclusive collaboration featuring a diverse line-up of musical performances for fans to enjoy over 60 consecutive days.

Live performances from more than 100 artists across the globe, including Katy Perry, Anitta, DJ Khaled, Bebe Rexha, Miguel, Cast of Hamilton and Steve Aoki began streaming on May 22nd to refresh fans one virtual performance at a time and support the International R*******s and Red Crescent Movement.

Coke Studio Sessions marks the official debut of #BeApp, the social live music streaming platform from tech industry veterans Ray Smith and Ross Mason. #BeApp is an immersive, digital destination for fans to enjoy live music in a new way. Unlike other virtual concert platforms, #BeApp will offer a variety of interactive features, including:

In-App Sharing: Sharing feature will encourage fans to invite friends and family to join them during the Livestream.

Currency/Points: By continuously interacting and sharing through the app, fans will earn in-app points and currency that can be redeemed for prizes, functionality upgrades and more.

Prizes and Upgrades: Prizes include upgraded access to “front row seats,” artist shout-outs during the livestream and #BeApp swag.

Front Row Seats: “Front row seats” offer fans a greater digital presence during the livestream, including having the user’s photo and name visible to all viewers.

Donations: Fans will have the ability to make a donation to the International R*******s and Red Crescent Movement to support Covid-19 relief efforts.

“#BeApp was designed for digital connection through a shared love of live music, and people need that connection now more than ever,” said Ray Smith, founder of #BeApp. “We’re thrilled to have Coca-Cola as our exclusive launch partner as we introduce #BeApp to fans around the world through unique new experiences.”

The first weekend of streaming will include performances from Diplo, Kaskade, DJ Khaled, among others, and kicks off at 2H00 am EAT on 15th May. Re-Runs of live content will air at 6.00pm on 15th May. Additional artists will be announced across Coca-Cola and #BeApp social channels.

“We know that people may feel lonely or isolated as a result of the p******c, and Coca-Cola remains committed to uplifting the human spirit and fostering connection while we’re apart,” said Ricardo Fort, Vice President, Global Sports & Entertainment, The Coca-Cola Company. “By providing 60 days of live, interactive music content that fans can share and enjoy with others, we hope that Coke Studio Sessions will provide small, daily moments of entertainment for those adjusting to their new normal.”

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Throughout the 60 days, fans will have the opportunity to contribute directly to the International R*******s and Red Crescent Movement to support Covid-19 efforts. The Coca-Cola Foundation has donated over $14 million to individual R*******s and Red Crescent Societies around the world in response to Covid-19 and will additionally match up to a collective total of $3 million in consumer donations made through this program.

“The American R*******s is grateful for partners like The Coca-Cola Foundation for stepping up during this difficult and uncertain time,” said Koby Langley, Senior Vice President of International Services for the American R*******s.

“The Coca-Cola Foundation’s contribution supports the global R*******s and Red Crescent network’s efforts to slow the spread of this d*****e and alleviate the suffering that the p******c will cause. We are deeply grateful for their generous support during this challenging time.”

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