Technology company Cisco has partnered with the Nairobi county government to deploy a Digital Business Roadmap that will drive better citizen experiences when engaging the county government; better the county’s workforce environment and technology experience; drive operational efficiency in Transport, Health, E*******n, and Agriculture and reduce overall risk as a result of cyber threats.

City Hall confirmed that it has deployed the first phase of the foundation technology solutions covered in the Digital Business Roadmap. Cisco is fast-tracking the Nairobi City County’s commitment to achieve affordable, accessible and sustainable quality service delivered and accelerated by digital transformation.

Speaking at the launch event, Cisco’s General Manager for East Africa and Indian Ocean Islands David Bunei said: “This is a very exciting time for Cisco as technology partner for the Nairobi City County contributing towards realisation of its vision of being the City of Choice to invest, work and live. The world we live in today is smart and it is important to adopt digitalization making county services more accessible to all. We also look forward to rolling similar solutions in more counties across the Kenya.

“As the Nairobi City County embarks on this digital transformation journey, it will require core areas of their operations to be equipped with a highly skilled workforce in order to achieve the full potential of the technology investment. To realise this, Cisco will also be providing a comprehensive Information Technology (IT) personnel capacity building program that will equip the County staff with the requisite skills to operate and support IT solutions that will deliver on the Nairobi County’s Digital Business Roadmap,” a statement issued to the press said.

Cisco will provide a comprehensive IT personnel capacity building programme to train personnel in key courses that are recognised globally including IT Management, Information Security, IP Network Management, IP Telephony/Video Conferencing, Access Control and Video Surveillance.

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“As a global technology leader helping countries, Governments, Industries and people digitise through its innovative technology, Cisco has long been providing comprehensive ICT skills training that equip people with the right skills for this Digital Era. Through its Networking Academy, for instance, Cisco has been providing the workforce of East Africa with ICT skills development and training for the part 20 years,” added Bunei.

Cisco’s digital transformation strategy has been helping companies, countries, Governments, Industry and Academia grow GDP, create new jobs, provide innovation, meet service delivery demands, and improve the lives and businesses of people.


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