A cannabis Sativa plant

A new study conducted Duke University Medical Centre shows that the use of C******s Sativa significantly alter sperm and affect fertility in men of child-bearing age.

The use and effect of bhang health wise has caused a world wide debate throughout the ages.

According to the study published last year in December, the use of c******s on the male and their reproductive health are not completely null, thus, the active ingredient in the d**g tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) affects the genetic profile in sperm.

With the use of rats as prototypes the study revealed that, “The chemical found in c******s affects epigenetic, triggering structural and regulatory changes in the DNA of user’s sperm.”

The study, Cannabinoid exposure and altered DNA methylation in rat and human sperm, revealed that during consumption of c******s, the THC targets genes in two major cellular pathways and alters DNA methylation, a process vital for normal growth and development.

One of the pathways targeted and affected by the THC is essential in aiding the body organs to grow and reach their full size, while the other path entails a huge number of genes that regulate growth and development.


However, it is unknown if the affected sperm is healthy enough to fertilize an egg and continue its development into an embryo.

“The use of c******s by humans results in low sperm count, therefore, men who would like to conceive should avoid using bhang for at least six months before trying for a baby,” said Dr Susan Murphy an associate professor at Duke University.

This comes after South Africa decriminalized the use of c******s by adults in private, while 33 states in America legalize medical and recreational use of it.

In Kenya M*******a Control Bill presented by Kibra MP Ken Okoth awaits and seeks legalization of its growth, medical and recreational use.



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