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Essence: Kenyan Woman Appointed CEO of Iconic US Magazine

self-proclaimed cultural architect with particular passion for constructing, deconstructing, and reconstructing organizational culture.

A messy office table ruins work. Here is how to declutter...

Some office tables are so messy that one begins to have second thoughts about the office holder

IT Firms, Govt Offered Most New Jobs During Covid-19 – Report

The report explores job market trends in the country and offers forecasts.

Rise of Workplace Husbands and Wives Shaking Up Offices

While the trend of having work-spouses is growing, majority of these relationships remain secret affairs.

Former Equity COO Joins KQ Board as Otieno, Musyoka Exit

Also elected to the board was Philip Wambugu, a seasoned corporate executive who has served in various roles in infrastructure and service-related fields, most recently as a Senior Consultant for Google Loon responsible for overflight rights across Africa between 2018 and March 2021.

Four ways to manage the perils of ‘friend-ployees’

When starting a business, it can feel like you are living in the office. Having a team you trust is important, but with long...

Using Job Description to Stimulate Employee Performance

A Job Description is an organized factual statement of job content in the form of duties and responsibilities of a specific job. A job...

How to Join University With D+ and Get a Degree

There is a one-year programme that enables students to progress to diploma then proceed to the professional qualification and onto Bachelor of Commerce degree

Citizen journalists who survived plane crash identified

The three Royal Media Services journalists injured in a plane crash yesterday have been treated and discharged, but the cause of the accident has...

The Best Companies to Work For in Kenya 2018

The Brighter Monday survey looks at attributes that matter most to employees which include pride, culture, career growth, diversity, inclusion as well as competitive pay package