Boeing 737 Max

Shortly after take off from the Orlando International Airport in Florida, USA, a Boeing 737 Max plane reported a “performance issue” with an engine.

The plane had to make an e*******y landing, shedding more spotlight on the fleet of aircraft that has come to the limelight following the Nairobi bound Ethiopian Airlines c***h of March.

March’s d******r, in which 157 lives were lost, followed another c***h by an Indonesian airline, Lion Air, in October 2018.

Whereas international media reported that the aircraft involved in Florida was in circumstances unrelated to the Ethiopian Airlines and Lion Air c*****s, the recent e*******y landing will probably raise eyebrows over the plane’s safety.

According to Al Jazeera, the Boeing 737 Max that had to make an e*******y landing on Tuesday had no passengers and was being transported to California for storage.

The fleet have been temporarily grounded following two c*****s that have claimed 346 lives in the space of four months. US Airlines are allowed to fly the planes to areas of storage but cannot carry passengers, Al Jazeera said.

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While investigations continue over what is Boeing’s “fastest-selling aircraft in the company’s history”, Kenya’s national carrier Kenya Airways is reportedly still going ahead with an order to buy a fleet of the Boeing 737 Max aircraft.

Some airlines, such as Indonesia’s Garuda, have already cancelled orders for the fleet.

Indonesia’s Lion Air had been the first to suffer d******r of the relatively new Boeing fleet, when a plane c*****d minutes after take-off k*****g 189 people in October 2018.

In what has been termed as similar circumstances, the Nairobi bound Ethiopian Airlines that c*****d in March plunged after a few minutes following take off.

An anti-stall software is being cited as the probable cause of both c*****s, with reports having earlier indicated that the pilots of the Ethiopian Airlines plane had not had adequate training on the software. These reports were denied by Ethiopian Airlines.

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