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Global news agency Associated Press (AP) was put on the spot on Sunday for a breaking news tweet on the Ethiopian Airlines c***h that claimed 157 lives, which ignored c********s from Black Africa including Kenya which s******d the highest number of c********s at 32.

AP’s tweet listed Canadians, Chinese, Americans, Italians, Indians, French, British, Egyptians among those k****d in Ethiopian plane c***h leaving out c********s from Sub Saharan Africa.

Doreen Apollos, a former Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) journalist who now works at the African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, was among the first to censure the news agency.

She said she did so to highlight the fact that “Black Lives Matter”, after the US movement against police profiling of Black Americans that lead to targeted, targeted extrajudicial k******s often without any reason at all


Others called on AP to pull down the tweet.


AP’s coverage of the air c***h described as r****t by a majority of Kenyans on social media comes days after The New York Times re-assigned beleaguered journalist Kimiko de Freytas Tamura to London after her coverage of the dusitD2 t****r a****k put her on the receiving end of Kenyans who were incensed by the publisher’s decision to embed gory photos in her story.

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Ms Tamura was set to become The Times’ East Africa Bureau Chief but clashes between the Media Council of Kenya (MCK) and her employer rendered her stay in Kenya untenable.

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This is likely to revive the discussion on the coverage of African tragedies by Western media.





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