Attendees at the Shared Value Summit in 2018

This year’s Annual Africa Shared Summit to be held in Nairobi will focus on the importance of Shared Value ecosystem to drive Africa’s business growth.

The event set to happen in May will be sponsored by Safaricom, Old Mutual and the World Food Program.

The Africa Shared Value Summit raises awareness and advocates for the success of the strategic implementation of the Shared Value business model, profit with purpose, in Africa.

The two days function is expected to discuss ways in which businesses can use their power and influence to affect real change, without sacrificing profit.

According to the co-founder and director of the Shared Value Africa Initiative(SVAI) Cindy Langeveld, embracing shared values is important to the long term sustainability, that will enable businesses to survive and thrive in a changing business climate.

“Businesses do not operate in a vacuum, and as entrepreneurs and human beings, we have a moral obligation to take on the challenge facing our continent and its population,” said Langeveld.

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The summit will bring together business leaders, entrepreneurs from public and private sectors, representatives from the governments, academia and the civil society.

Keynote speakers in this year’s event will be Mark Kramer the director of the US-based Shared Value Initiative,  Safaricom CEO Robert “Bob” Collymore, Managing Director for the Rockefeller Foundation Africa Regional Office, Mamadou Biteye among others.

The CEO and co-founder of SVAI Tiekie Barnard added, “As a market leader and gaining of true growth, a new kind of specialization is required, such as finding new ways of doing things that will be more ethical and less harmful to the environment as well as reaching underserved populations.”


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