Ciku Muiruri.

Two female journalists, now working for the BBC, have accused local media houses of discriminating against them on the basis of their hairstyle.

Sharon Machira, a former presenter with K24, and Ciku Muiruri, who once hosted The Trend show on NTV, revealed how local TV managers are obsessed with looks and would not allow them on air donning an “inappropriate” hairstyle or frustrated career growth.

The two took to Twitter to relate their experiences and how they are enjoying themselves at the British broadcaster as no one cares about their hairstyle.

BBC Content Creator Sharon Machira.

Other journalists also revealed undergoing similar experiences as others wondered whether media houses are after talent or beauty. As the posts attracted a barrage of reactions, Ciku Muiruri, however, said she appreciates that K24 gave her an opportunity to air the Alfajiri show without asking her to do a makeover.


Here are some of the reactions:

And then there was this:



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