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As lovers spend big, these six companies will be smiling to the bank

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Beware the ides of February.

To the Romans, the ides were the midpoint of a month, traditionally the 13th day, or for some months, the 15th. The ides of March is particularly memorable, for in 44BC it saw Julius Caesar assassinated. But before March, there is February. And before assassination, there is love.

February 14 is Valentine’s day. To some in 2019, it is just Thursday. At the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) however, business will run as usual. The trading floor will be open and shares will be transacted. But with the festivities of Valentine’s, some firms will do business more equally than others.

Here are a few NSE listed companies that could benefit more from Valentine’s Day.

1. Safaricom

Kenya’s giant telco will see lots of numbers busy today. Calls will be made to say “I love you” while others will text to confirm dinner dates. Let’s not even talk about data bundles to Google unique Valentine’s Day ideas or order gifts online. Or how M-Pesa payments could go through the roof.

Safaricom may be gearing up to face up to any potential quagmire brought about by the Airtel-Telkom merger deal, but before then, it will probably continue to see positive activity at the bourse. On Valentine’s Day, the firm stands to benefit.

SafaricomKsh26.90 | 5,822,600 shares traded

2. Total Kenya and KenolKobil

No. It’s not that petrol stations are the destination. As always, they are the pit stop.

For those who may have planned a Valentine’s dinner date that could last long into the night, a comfortable mode of transportation home is required. Herein is where listed firms Total and KenolKobil are set to benefit. Cars need fuel.

The benefit to these petroleum service providers could also extend in case of Valentine’s weekend getaways and road trips.

Total Kenya Ksh31.45 | 1,000 shares

KenolKobil Ksh21.50  | 9,275,800 shares

3. East African Breweries

Wine may be the drink for the season, but one can never rule out luxury drinks such as Baileys. At the same time, some people can never relent on having their usual beer.

And if Valentine’s does extend to the weekend, you will have parties laden with alcoholic drinks.

EA Breweries Ksh220 | 29,000 shares

4. Unga Group and Mumias Sugar

House shopping amenities. An ideal gift always if the Valentine’s get together is at an individual’s place. Or maybe you want to show your appreciation by getting someone some household shopping.


But even if it is not at an individual’s house, meals will end up comprising ingredients of flour and sugar. From chapattis to cake, Unga Group and Mumias Sugar are bound to be represented on Valentine’s Day.

Unga Group Ksh36.10 | 2,100 shares

Mumias Sugar Ksh0.62 | 517,200 shares

5. Kenya Airways

It is no time to fight, so probably love birds will look for a flight to a romantic destination. In this regard, national carrier Kenya Airways will probably fly a little higher.

KQ Ksh8.96 | 35,200 shares

6. TPS Eastern Africa

For a firm that runs hotels and lodges in the country, Valentine’s Day is sure to be the time to make a killing.

Not all of the nine hotels run under the Serena brand by TPS will perform equally, but you can be sure this one day will rake in more money than most during this time.

TPS Ksh23.75 | 200

*All market indicators are as at close of trading at the NSE on February 13.

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Mike Njoroge
Mike Njorogehttp://www.businesstoday.co.ke
Mike Njoroge is the founder of Daystar Oracle and FootballTriangle. He is passionate about news, religion and sports. He can be reached at: [email protected]
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