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7 Ways to Make More Money, Beat Hard Economic Times

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Did you know that it is almost impossible to become wealthy from your salary?

Well, if you did not, many people are realizing this and are starting to supplement their salaries by getting involved in ‘side jobs’ to make extra cash.

Commonly referred to as a side hustle, this is any freelance activity you engage in and it, in turn, brings you some cash.

Usually, side hustles happen outside of the normal working hours of many people. Nowadays, you can easily find a lot of people making money online through freelancing activities such as writing blog posts or translating documents. 

While it is almost impossible to become wealthy from your salary, it is a very important tool to help you start off a side hustle that could become your main one. This is in case the returns from your side job are better than your salary.

To get there though, you need capital and so the salary becomes the starting point for you if you’re employed.

While it is not advisable to quit your job to go start a business, sometimes that can happen if your business has already started and it is doing well. Otherwise, when you serve two masters, one is bound to fail. This comes with serious consequences.

Understanding your competition

There are several opportunities available for those keen on starting a business on the side of their employment and once the capital hurdle has been cleared, the next is competition.

A good opportunity means that you have identified a need that has not been satisfied and this could be a breakthrough.

However, copycats will always be around so always make sure to remain a step ahead by insulating yourself from those who may eat into your business target.

Locally, the businesses that have become the go to for many are supplying offices with food, selling clothes, street food, shoes and providing internet services among others.

To succeed, just pick what would be your niche and whatever works for you, run with it.

Some opportunities which require minimal capital include:

  • House hunting

You may wonder how house hunting will make you money but, there are several people who always need housing but they have no time to be in the hunt. With social media, all you need is a profile where you can market the vacant houses in return for some cash in commission. This could be the thing that helps you become your own boss.

  • Graphic design

With many businesses opening up while others need to rebrand, you are in a good place as a graphic artist. With graphic designing skills, you can approach such businesses and offer to do their branding. And after all is done, whether there is positive feedback or not, there is no harm in trying. Remember to give a pitch that is unforgettable.

  • Web development and programming

You do not have to go to school these days to become a web developer. With online training, all you have to be is disciplined to make sure that you ace all your course units. After, you can seek opportunities to create apps, websites and others which are on high demand. The future is digital and the time to claim it is now!

  • Sell all your collections

Are you a collector? Do you have vintage stuff that you valued but no longer do? Well, old CDs, games and movies that you no longer need could be your new source of income. While it may not last if you’re just selling your stuff, it could become a venture if you could get to help people dispose of their stuff they no longer use.

  • Sell your stories

Do you tell stories? If so, they can become your source of income. By utilising platforms that are available, you could become a household name just by using your talent. If your stories can be sticky, then you are good to try it as a business.

  • Sit that dog!

Have you seen people walking around with so many dogs and wondered if they are ok? Well, they are and making money through walking the dogs. In case the dog owner is not around, they may require a dog sitter and this is where the opportunity lies.

You can walk dogs while also exercising and getting paid for it!

  • Selling website names

If you are creative on matters internet, then this could be your domain. You can buy domains, name them and then keep them for selling later.

If you are this kind, then the internet is your playground.

We are living in a fast moving world and money is always the need. While it may not be made overnight, some small jobs like these could be the avenue to your becoming the boss you always wanted to be. It’s all about trying.

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Hakeenah N. Njenga
Hakeenah N. Njengahttp://www.businesstoday.co.ke
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