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A mother shopping for school items with her daughters [Photo/Kenya-aircargo.com]

Schools are set to open for the last term in the academic year. The third term is the shortest term because candidates sit for national exams, in both primary and secondary schools.

As all schools are opening on the same date as directed by the Ministry of E*******n, shopping malls, markets and bus stations will be overwhelmed by parents and students.

However, this also presents an opportunity for a parent and child to teach each other a few things about real and school life.

Below are five reasons why a parent should tag the student when shopping for the third term.

  1. Get Intouch With reality

Shopping for school needs require a plan, and of course money. Some students do not know how to generate cash, but they can spend buying things they want. It is, therefore, the responsibility of a parent to teach the youngster about being money conscious. Shopping for going back to school is a great start. For instance, when going through the shopping list, ask the students to separate needs and wants. It will not be a surprise for wants to dominate the list. Then explain the difference between the two and why needs are to be given priority.

2. Teaches them to be responsible

The Cambridge Dictionary defines responsible as having good judgment and the ability to act. Hence, a parent should tag their children along in shopping for school items to gauge their judgement. This can give the parent a clear mental picture of how the child acts when supervised or unattended.

3. Builds their Self-esteem

A student will feel good about their decisions or lists if the parent approves most of the items on the list. They will feel like they are growing up and are capable of making the right decisions, even in small things. A parent can rewrite the shopping list with the student, give them cash and freedom to go shop alone within the stipulated budget. Not only will they be smiling when coming back home, but their self-esteem also grows.

4. Teaches them to appreciate what they have

During back to school shopping, all walks of life meet at some spots. The privileged and those from humble backgrounds. It can be easily noted some students having bigger shopping bags than others. A parent can explain this phenomenon to a child in the most understandable and inclusive manner. On why other people have a lot while others have little. This will bring a sense of appreciation for whatever the student has shopped for.

5. The Parent-Child Relationship Grows

Shopping for back to school can strengthen the relationship bond between the child and the parent. Since shopping is a social activity, both can engage in conversation on certain items on the market, school life, what next after school and many others. Not only is this insightful to both worlds it is also fun. The student wants to feel loved by the parent, and the parent wants to feel appreciated by the child.


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