A holiday is not complete without lots of food, especially meat, sorry vegans, and drinks.

Another holiday is here with us, again. About hundred days ago we were in another big, long, and the most overrated holiday on earth, December holiday.

The fact that these two holidays follow each other back draws similarities between them. While December holiday is long, to some extent tiring, most people are on work leave, April is a bit short, 3-4 weeks and almost everyone is on their job desks.

But what is it that makes April a small brother to December holiday?

Closing of schools

By now we all know that schools, primary and secondary, have closed. The different colour and patterns of uniforms in towns, the sudden increase of funny dressed teenagers on the streets and neighbourhoods. And of course, bad photoshop and idiotic posts all over social media platforms.

Those in the universities and colleges are writing their exams. This is the exact same scenario that happens during the December holiday.

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As mortals we love celebrations, the food, drinks, laughter and family time is just amazing. In April, we celebrate the Good Friday and Easter Monday that feels like a long extended weekend. In this period, churches are always filled, smoke indicating massive cooking fill the air, the body and dress vibe also changes.

This is also what happens in December holiday when looking forward to celebrate Christmas and boxing day. A weekend inside the holiday.

International Holiday after celebrations

The first day after April holiday, that is on 1st May, it is the International Workers Day widely known as Labour Day.

Immediately after December holiday, that is on 1st January, it is a Happy New Year Day.

Both days set aside are celebrated worldwide. While Labour Day is commemorated and dedicated to the workers for their contribution to social and economic achievement, New Year day reminds us it is time to get back to work.

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Traveling to the country side

When schools closed, for some parents, it is a ticket to send the children to the country side. Meaning one parent or a guardian will have to accompany the kids during the journey and stay in Shags. 

Other individuals who started various projects in their hometown take advantage of April being a holiday to go and check the progress of their ventures. This is the same scenario of what happens when the year comes to an end.


A holiday is not complete without lots of food, especially meat, sorry vegans, and drinks. Food is what makes people sit together at a table and tolerate each other.

The lent, fasting and praying, is over and now Christians can eat all the meat and food available. Food is also a point mark during the December holiday. The number of animals that get slaughtered and food that get cooked can feed a nation.


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