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With the right broker, you stay updated on all market movements without missing out on emerging opportunities. [ Photo / The Economic Times ]

Commodity trading can become a profitable business if you follow some key conditions. One of them is to trade via a reliable broker that will ensure you with the all tools, platforms, and instruments you need to start trading.

In this article, we have outlined 5 brokers that will help you trade commodities like a pro. Each has its own strengths, so be sure to choose the best commodities broker 2022 that best suits your needs.


The best commodity broker, HotForex offers an unparalleled customer experience with friendly and knowledgeable support for both beginners and experts alike. Trading commodities on the company’s platform comes at low margins which gives traders access to global markets in addition there is negative balance protection available if needed.

The most advanced trading platforms that the brokerage company offers, allow you to find the perfect strategy for your needs. With HFM, you will stay updated on all market movements without mìssing out on any opportunities that might arise.

Rating: 5

FP Markets

FP Markets provides traders with a variety of options and tools to trade their commodities. The leverage they offer is 1:500, which makes them an excellent firm for those who want maximum exposure without having too much capital at risk.

Plus it is easy on your budget since all this technology does most work like picking trends before you even know about them. In addition, the brokerage company provides support through automation by using such trading platforms as Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5. In a word, it is worth your attention as a reliable commodities broker as well.

Rating: 4.8


The EightCap broker is one of the brokers that offer low forex fees. It has an impressive technology infrastructure, with cryptocurrency trading included in its portfolio as well. 

You can trade commodities through this company’s advanced features and enjoy never experiencing any lag time during transactions because they are backed by cutting-edge software tools for efficient management processes all around – making it easy on you too.

Rating: 4.8


The next on our list of commodities brokers is Pepperstone.  Pepperstone provides traders with an intuitive and user-friendly platform that will help both newbies and experienced ones to trade confidently on Metatrader 4 or cTrader platforms. You can be sure that you will know what’s going on in any situation thanks to Pepperstone’s social media integration, allowing alerts from your broker anytime they make buys or sell trades. 

Rating: 4.7


The fifth broker on our list is OANDA which offers various trading instruments including currency pairs, bonds, and commodities as well. Besides the traditional trading platforms like Metatrader 4, the broker offers its own platform for traders to use called Oanda Trade.

For beginners who want an easier way into commodities trading but don’t have enough experience with it yet, they also provide educational webinars that will teach everything about trading processes.

Rating: 4.7

HFM – the best commodities broker

We have selected HFM as the best commodities broker. HFM is a broker that has been recognized for its excellence in both legal compliance and customer satisfaction. It offers all of the qualities necessary to be considered the best commodities broker, combining high-quality service with innovative features tailored specifically to traders at all levels.


To navigate the commodities market, you need to be well-informed and have a reliable broker by your side. Here was the list of 5 of the best brokers we have outlined for you and choosing the one, you can get started on your trading journey with confidence.

We hope that you will start your trading path from a good point and will come to success and profitable deals. 

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