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Stats betting covers betting on goals in the game, the number of corners and the number of cards. [ Photo / Irish Mirror ]

Of all the sports you can bet on, football is the leader around the world. With many different leagues covered and a wide variety of season dates, there is a game almost every day for fans to watch and bet on. There is no longer a regular season and off-season, football is a sport across 365 days a year. That has been great for football betting, and anyone who wants to participate.

So, when it comes to football betting, what bets can you place?

As for the big leagues, expect to see hundreds of betting markets available for you, and even in the smaller leagues, you can choose between tens of betting markets for your wager.

The simple way to bet is who wins the game, but what other, exciting betting markets are available for those wanting something a little different?

Goal Scorer Betting

With the top bookmakers such as those listed on The Bookies Offers website, you will have many ways in which you can bet on goal scorers.

Markets such as the first and last goal scorer, to score at any time, to score 2 or more and to score a hat trick are all available with the top bookmakers.

If you want something low risk you can go for any time scorer, if you want to increase the odds and place a bet on something to win big then look at the to-score-2 and to-score-a-hat-trick markets.

These give you the chance to play a wager based on what you are aiming for, low risk that you can put in accumulators and other multiple bets or something at bigger odds for a single.

We all have our favourite players, and this market allows you to place a bet directly on them.

Stats Betting

Over the past decade, stats betting has really taken off. These markets are available in almost every league, from top leagues such as the Premier League to smaller ones like those around Africa.

Stats betting covers betting on goals in the game, the number of corners and the number of cards. These all allow you to bet in a way where you are not picking a team to win, and you don’t mind the outcome of a game overall.

There are many stats out there covering these, especially goals where you will find stats based around clean sheets, total goals, both teams scoring and much more.

When it comes to cards you can see stats surrounding each team and the referee in charge of the game if you are betting on a big league.

All stats betting is available in many different ways, but the main way to bet is to use over/under lines that the bookmakers create.

Half Time Betting

Not every game will have half time betting available, but if it’s there then this is something for punters to consider.

This is great for games such as derby games, where you expect things to be close in the opening stages. You can place a bet specifically on the first half if this is the case, so rather than trying to predict 90 minutes of play, you only have to predict 45 minutes.

If you are looking for ways to split a game in half then this is it. This isn’t just about the first half too, you can also place bets on the second half.

Many of these are in play only, so you will have to wait until the game has kicked off. At half time, while the players are resting you should be able to check out a range of different markets based around the second half.

This is perfect for those looking to bet on smaller events rather than the whole game.

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