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The new winner of Sh225 million SportPesa mega jackpot is…

Samuel Abisai's record could be broken should one person manage to get 17 correct match outcome predictions in the current and upcoming Mega Jackpot games

Five Ways to Become a Billionaire Without Education

The richer you are the further you go away from your business (the more you disassociate self from the business) but the poorer you are, the more you want to identify with your business

Bank seizes Swaleh Mdoe’s Mercedes-Benz

Citizen TV anchor told former KTN employees at a get together dinner last week that he has been forced to hike lifts from friends and colleagues after his car was put up for auction

Disabled Tout’s Bus Dream Shattered by Auctioneers

Njoroge’s mother sold their family land and fixed it with modern music and graffiti

7 Tricks on How to Get Rich at a Young Age

It is every individual's dream to become rich. Popular musician 50 debuted in 2003 with an album titled Get rich or die tryin. He was right.

Four things you shouldn’t do, even if it saves you money

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done to cut your expenses? Check out our four bad ideas you must never do

How to refuse lending money to relatives and friends

This is Africa, so we help our brothers, sisters and friends financially. Well, until it ruins us when they fail to pay. So how...

Silent billionaires: Kenya’s super-rich who don’t show off

The KRA data offers new insight into the population of Kenya’s billionaires whose ranks are expected to be much larger but remains undocumented for tax purpose

Sh221 million jackpot winner Samuel Abisai shares his betting secrets

Samuel Abisai has persevered the pangs of hunger and the depth of poverty in the streets. At some point, pushed by circumstances, he tried...

5 betting tips that will keep your money safe

Win some, lose some, the old adage goes. If you lose money, never try to get it back by going over your limit. This usually leads to even bigger losses