Anti-T*******m Police Unit officers on Friday s**t d**d a wanted t****r s******s in the coastal city of Mombasa.

Likoni divisional police commander Benjamin Rotich said the police officers raided the house and g*********n Ali Hamis Mzomo alias Mure, 25, after being trailed for years.

Rotich said the s*****t was s**t d**d after confrontation with police officers. “He was s**t d**d after he attempted to a****k officers who raided the house. He was among t****r s******s on t****r watch list,” said Rotich.

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Mure is believed to have crossed over to Somalia to join the Al-S*****b t****r group alongside hundreds of Kenyan youth waging t****r a*****s in the country and in Somalia.

Sources within security agents indicate that Mure is among Kenyans fleeing from Somalia following sustained a********s against Al-S*****b t********s by Somali and African Union peacekeeping forces.


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