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Valentine surprise? Separated Milele FM presenters in love again

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Just about a month after they were caught on camera exchanging bitter words on air, Milele FM presenters Kaka Zema and Doreen Nassi, popularly known as Dee, are back together.

This time, the duo will present the station’s mid-morning show, Kazi Mpango which airs between 10 am and 12 pm.

Zema swaps places with Francis Luchivya who has reunited with his ‘First Lady’ Jacquey Nyamide – Wilbroda on Milele Drive.

It is not immediately clear where the new rejig leaves Mwajuma Ally, famously known as Chozi la Almasi, who had been slotted in to co-host Kazi Mpango with Luchivya.

During the incident last month, the two insulted each other live on radio and, at some point, a visibly infuriated Dee seething with anger was seen hitting Zema with a folded newspaper, who tried to duck, but not quick enough to avoid contact, before returning with more verbal jabs.

DJ Slim, taken by surprise by the fight, tried unsuccessfully to mediate by asking her to calm down, but meets Dee’s wrath who dressed him down and asked him to shut up. In the video, the two seemed to have differed on their roles in the Milele Drive show.

Subsequently, the duo were issued with warning letters after the management shelved initial plans to suspend them for fear it could eat into the station’s ratings.

The two presenters also sought to pass off the altercation as a PR stunt but some discerning listeners were not convinced.

Whether by accident or design, the reunification of the “studio couples”, comes on eve of Valentine’s Day and Mediamax Network Ltd, which owns the station, could have been inspired by the spirit of love to reignite their chemistry to make listeners hooked into the station.


At the same time, the shuffling that took place after the studio fight appears not to have impressed listeners if reactions since they went on air together is anything to go by.

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