A video showing Kasarani traffic police officers manhandling a woman along Thika superhighway has caused uproar on social media.

In the video, the officers, who included two policewomen, are seen trying to force the woman from a vehicle as she viciously protested.

Other passengers could be heard telling the officers to get into the vehicle and go with her to the police station.

Blogger Robert Alai tweeted: “Hey traffic officers. This behavior is not permitted in the current world. Try to be civil in some a*****s. Pulling and manhandling the lady this way is wrong. Just wrong!!! Force doesn’t show authority.”

According to traffic monitoring handle, @Kenyatraffic, the lady recording this i******t was  a******d in the i******t.

It added: “One day the monkeys will get tired of being b*****d by the gorillas and they will fight for their rights. It will be messy…”
Here is the video:



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