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TV Presenter Alex Chamwada Shares Simple Trick He Used To Win Equity Bank CEO

Alex Chamwada says he used a simple act of patience to squeeze a multimillion deal from Equity Bank CEO Dr James Mwangi

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Chams Media CEO and former TV presenter Alex Chamwada has shared the secrets to his successful programme ‘Daring Abroad’ and how he managed to clinch a multi-million sponsorship deal through a simple act of patience.

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In a post shared on social media, Mr Chamwada implores his colleagues to exercise patience and not to expect quick results – or favours – when pursuing a project or deal. He details how he hunted Equity Bank CEO Dr James Mwangi for a long time – hoping to sign up the bank as a sponsor for the programme – only to get him in the most unlikely of places.

“All of a sudden I met him in New York city after the programme had started airing on KTN News channel,” Mr Chamwada recalled. “He was alone. This was on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly 2015.”

He said when he was conceptualising Daring Abroad show, he started looking for Dr James Mwangi, to engage him to have Equity Bank Kenya sponsor the programme. Mr Chamwada said they had each other’s cellphone numbers.

“He referred me to his PA, Mr Alex Muhia,” Mr Chamwada says. “He was very helpful. But it was not easy to meet Mr Mwangi due to his busy schedule. I continued to call or text him occasionally, and he would respond very rarely.”

Mr Chamwada was really excited to finally get the opportunity to meet him – abroad of all the places. “He told me, ‘Alex, you are very patient. Very patient and respectful’.”

Mr Chamwada says Dr Mwangi was so courteous, explained his busy schedule and gave him an opportunity to explain his idea. “Straight to the point I pitched my proposal to him in two minutes! I had really internalised it. He said, ‘Alex you have it! Pap. And I had a deal in hand’.”

This was a big boost to the show, whose ratings and commercial were growing. “Remember it is not easy to sell a new idea. I needed him more than he needed me. James loves my production which he always terms as extra ordinary, inspiring and informative.”

Imagine if Mr Chamwada had felt entitled and sent negative messages about Dr Mwangi not responding. Many of us would even go the extent of sharing the frustrations on social media to pile pressure.

As this illustrates that, remaining positive can move mountains. Daring Abroad airs on NTV on Saturday evening.

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  1. Very good work Mr Chamwada. You’re on the right track and patience is important in life. Thanks for “Daring Abroad “. “Men Sano incopre sano”.


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