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Petrol Prices in Kenya Fall by Ksh1 a Litre – EPRA

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Motorists in Kenya who will be filling up their cars from midnight today are expecting reductions of about Ksh1 a litre at the pumps after the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) reviewed petrol prices for the period starting May 15, 2024, to next month on the 14th.

According to EPRA, the average pump prices for a litre of petrol and diesel have fallen by Ksh1.00 and Ksh1.20, respectively, and in Nairobi, they are now down to Ksh192.84/L for petrol and Ksh179.18/L for diesel.

Since the start of this month, drivers in the Capital have been paying Ksh190.38 for a litre of petrol and Ksh180.38 for the same quantity of diesel after gas prices in the country fell, so far, still to their cheapest level this year in April.

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Petrol prices in Nairobi are used to estimate the national average cost of fuel countrywide, but the prices vary from place to place, town to town and in coastal cities, they are usually cheaper than all other areas due to limited transportation costs;

For instance, now, a litre of super petrol in Mombasa goes for Ksh189.66, meaning that it is Ksh3.18 cheaper than in Nairobi. In Likoni Mainland and Kwale, it is Ksh190.05, Ksh190.43 in Kilifi and Ksh190.65 in Malindi, all below the ‘national average.’

As diesel costs Ksh179.18 per litre in Nairobi as stated, it is retailing at Ksh176.0/L in Mombasa, Ksh176.40 a litre in Likoni Mainland and Kwale, Ksh177.00/L in Malindi and Ksh177.16/L in Lunga Lunga.

The most expensive places to buy fuel right now in Kenya are in its North Eastern areas where the price of super petrol has grossed the Ksh200-mark a litre, costing Ksh200.21/L in Habaswein of Wajir County, Ksh201.27/L in Marsabit, Ksh202.97 per litre in Moyale and Ksh204.34 and Ksh206.84 per litre in Elwak and Mandera in that order.

On the whole, EPRA partly attributed the dip in petrol retail prices to the steady decline witnessed in the global market due to higher production, but for a big part, the strengthening then weakening of the shilling against the US dollar in the past month. If it were not so, it could have been better.

The oil and gas authority said the average price of a litre of kerosene now ranges between Ksh165 and Ksh170 around the country after dropping by Ksh1.30 in their latest review.

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