A leading Turkish furniture company Dogtas Exclusive has in partnership with Home Art Ltd to open its first exclusive concept store in Nairobi, to tap the fast growing middle and upper class markets in Kenya. With its rich product range, Dogtaş Exclusive CEO Ersin Serbes says its strategy is to increase increase market share and expand its footprint in Africa. 

“We are targeting to open 20 new concept stores in different countries. We are very pleased to have a presence in the Kenyan market,” says Serbes. “We are looking forward to a promising start with our partner Home Art Ltd.”

Furniture has become a viable business in Kenya stimulated by increasing investment in real estate. Five years ago, furniture makers in Kenya  faced challenges as imported furniture  flooded the market. 

According to Mr Bahri Akkoyunlu Managing Director at Home Art Limited, the entry of Dogtas, which enjoys over 45 years of expertise and commands over 350 multi-brand stores, should not be viewed as a threat to the local firms as Kenyans’ buying habits have changed such that whether  a furniture is imported or not has little influence on the current market today.

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“Kenyans love style and comfort, therefore the key determinant in the furniture market today is not whether it is imported or not, rather it is the quality, fabric, model and durability. As long as you meet their taste and standards, your product will sell whether imported or home made. We are therefore here to offer choices and not to compete,” Said Bahri.

Despite citing politics as a key factor that dictates the Market trend in Kenya, Mr Akkoyunlu agrees that the demand for furniture is likely to go even higher as long as there is political stability in the country. Bahri says the middle and upper class have become the most targeted consumers since they have direct influence on the type of furniture that will sell going by their buying power, which is key in pricing.

“The opening of our flagship store is inspired by Kenya’s growing demand for quality lifestyle brands and enabling business climate borne of political stability and a growing population,” he said.

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