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Top 10 Most Traded Cryptos in June

EOS and Dogecoin round the top five list

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After a staggering growth in the four months of 2021, May and June have been pretty dynamic for the global crypto market bringing two crypto price crashes in just a few weeks. Despite that, the increasing number of investors continued choosing digital coins as an investment asset, with some cryptocurrencies drawing much more attention than others.

According to data presented by BlockArabia.com, Tether, Bitcoin, and Ethereum, as the world’s top three cryptocurrencies, still convincingly lead in monthly trading volume. Here is the list of the other most traded cryptos in June.

Combined Trading Volume of Tether, Bitcoin and Ethereum Hit $3.5T, EOS and Dogecoin Round the Top 5 List

With a monthly trading volume of nearly $1.5trn in June, or $300bn higher than Bitcoin, Tether, without a doubt, represents the most important coin in the global crypto market. Moreover, as the world’s most used stable coin, it is also a pathway for many active traders into the crypto market.

Besides ranking as the most traded coin in the crypto ecosystem, Tether also witnessed a significant increase in market capitalization this year. Between January and July, the market cap of the world’s third-largest cryptocurrency tripled and hit $62.2bn.

As the world’s largest and most expensive cryptocurrency, Bitcoin’s trading volume hit over $1.2trn in June. Ethereum followed with $890bn in 30-day purchase volume. The CoinMarketCap data showed the three leading cryptocurrencies hit more than $3.5trn in combined monthly trading volume.

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EOS and Dogecoin round the top five list. Last month, EOS reached nearly $290bn in trading volume. Dogecoin followed with close to $260bn. Also, statistics show the value of the original meme coin soared by 2200% YTD, despite the crypto price crash.

Due to its recent surge in price, the original meme coin climbed among the world’s top ten cryptocurrencies, following Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Binance Coin, and Cardano in market cap.

Polygon Reached Over $240B in Monthly Trading Volume, More than Bitcoin Cash, Chainlink or XRP

Statistics show that Polygon ranked as the sixth most traded cryptocurrency in June, with $240.1bn in monthly trading volume. Also, its market cap surged in 2021. In January, the combined value of all Polygon coins circulating in crypto space amounted to $88.5 million. After reaching an all-time high of nearly $15bn in May, Polygon’s market cap plunged to $6.6bn last week. Still, a staggering 7,300% increase YTD.

The CoinMarketCap data showed Bitcoin Cash hit $231.4bn in monthly trading volume. Chainlink, XRP and Stellar followed with $145.3bn, $126.8bn, and $121bn, respectively.

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