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Terrorists add to January blues

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January is the most dreaded period in the calendar. It comes shortly after a merry making season of excessive spending and early salary payment that is often used up in the festivities.

However, the first month is always packed with a number of activities that usually require a lot of money. For instance, students start their first term and semester in January. Basic commodities are usually expensive due to the large volume of purchases of goods and services resulting to high inflation.

Nairobi County residents are yet set for a rougher January after terrorists attacked 14 Riverside complex that housed several businesses and social amenities.

It adds to the vigilance of Nairobi County as residents concerned with their security and safety.

The capital city has been a targeted spot by the terrorist over the years due to its diversity of many nationalities, businesses and economic classes. Currently, it is estimated that over 3.5 million people reside in the city, hence a terrorist attack might cause more human fatalities.

“I don’t feel safe as I did last month because of the attack. The calm atmosphere that we were enjoying has been engulfed with fear. I now even limit the time I spend in the city centre,” said Mr Kevin (not his real name) a resident and worker in Nairobi city.


Allegedly, the city does not feel like a safe haven as it did five years ago after the Westgate Mall attack.

The employers and employees whose businesses and places of work were located inside 14 Riverside are in for a tough start of the new year.

As businesses shut down and the survivors count their loses, the aftermath of the event will however be hard to comprehend and the healing process is a journey they will undertake for a period of time.

The emotional health of the survivors requires professional counseling to help them overcome the trauma. If this part is left untouched mental health problems and other obsessive behaviors could befall the survivors.


Families of the survivors will face a hard time in helping their loved ones in overcoming, accepting and beating the trauma.

Businesses owners who depended on their work of line to make a living could be forced to look for alternative to support them as responsibilities, insurances, loans and other needs to be serviced by money.

Employees may have to look for employment else where as it remains unknown when the complex will be opened back for business. Unemployment is an epidemic in the country and the terrorist attack has added more numbers to the existing many unwaged.

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Brenda Gamonde
Brenda Gamonde
Brenda Gamonde is reporter with Business Today. Email: [email protected]
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