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The Interesting Psychology Behind Men’s Actions With Their Money

NCBA Bank’s Money Mastery Series delves into this sensitive issue and brings out interesting information on men and money.

Tips On Raising Children Who Understand And Value Money

If you help them become smart spenders, you’ll instill in them some valuable lessons about how personal choice relates to managing money.

6 Top Tips And Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Your Personal Finances

As of 2021, the global debt surpassed $300 trillion, a trend that could impact businesses and individuals' finances. If you don't want to get caught in a vicious borrowing cycle in 2022 and beyond, you should master essential tips and tricks to leverage your...

The Sceptical View on the Uselessness of Bitcoin

Bitcoin, being one of the famous cryptocurrencies, has taken the world to a new level, and people around the world are more eager to invest in it.

Sex, Money and Instagram: Why Campus Girls Opt for Sponsors

The sponsee is at a larger risk because of their dependency on the sponsor’s money

Current State of Online Gambling in Kenya

Kenya is now one of the fastest growing online gambling markets in Africa, with the number of online casinos growing as well.