Investing bitcoin in Kenya
Bitcoin was designed to rise and become a means to all transactions across the borders but its identity crisis is due to the downturns it has been facing in recent years.

Many people question, is bitcoin useless? Is it worthwhile to invest in this virtual currency world? Such questions obviously mean that the person gets sceptical about it but the reality behind is a massive journey having both the sides a bright and the dark side.

Bitcoin, being one of the famous cryptocurrencies, has taken the world to a new level. People all around the world are more eager to invest in Bitcoin. However, there has been a rapid evolution Bitcoin over the years.

This has inspired many other cryptocurrencies but Bitcoin remains the top favourite. Bitcoin has become the most known currency and many have learnt by other means. The official website of BitQT app is the hub for all the newbies to get to know bitcoin better and invest perfectly.

The Darker Side

Since the launch of bitcoin, it has suffered a lot. However, it was meant to be launched to be on the top. But the price swings have made the journey painful for the Bitcoins. The price of Bitcoin crashed at the start of this year.

The coin lost 70% of the value in a prolonged swoon. This was caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic that devalued or in other words disturbed the whole system. It made things worse as they were before.

Even the cryptocurrency market that follows Bitcoin has also lost a lot. Volatility is a feature that has become compulsory when we see the crypto world. But it gets more visible when people lose hearts and leave the crypto world. This causes the decline.

The assessments on Bitcoin as a store of value or a medium of exchange have become negative. Many economists declared investing in Bitcoin as useless. Many magazines even pointed out a number of flaws making Bitcoin more reckless.

Is it really a useless innovation?

Bitcoin was designed to rise and become a means to all the transactions performed across the borders. However, the Bitcoin’s identity crisis is due to the downturns it has been facing in these years.

In past years many reports have been published regarding the illegal use of Bitcoin. It has allegedly been massively used in money laundering and other illegal activities. However, many other policies are being made and implemented to prevent these illegal activities.

A brighter future?

The darker side does not mean there is no silver lining. Despite the slump in prices, the Bitcoin world has made several improvements to enhance the system. The system is more feasible for consumers now. The technological advancements hold out hope for the crypto world.

The Bitcoin world has been growing. People cannot not only trade and invest but also keep coins for the stake. This helps them to earn passively. It can also be used as collateral for loans or buy jewellery with it.

The best part is that the bitcoins were rapidly used when the world was shut due to COVID-19 pandemic. Where there were no other means to transact money people used these digital assets. They came to the rescue at that time.

People out there now invest and trade successfully and many newbies entered this world during the pandemic. The perspectives changed during this period and now a bright future awaits!

There are still many speculative investors who drove the Bitcoin to an upper level. Everything has the other turn as well. The purpose of this blog was to let people know that not everything that glitters is gold. There is a darker line behind every shining thing.


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