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Telkom Restructures Operations After Opting Out of Merger With Airtel

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Telkom on Wednesday announced the restructuring of its operations as the telco charts its own path weeks after pulling out of a merger with Airtel with the goal being emerging from the shadow of the latter and market leader Safaricom.

In a statement to newsrooms on Wednesday, Chief Executive Mugo Kibati reorganized the company’s divisions and reassigned Steve Okeyo from the Mobile unit to the restructured Telkom Consumer division as Managing Director.

Kris Senanu who has been acting as the Managing Director Enterprise has now been reassigned to the restructured Telkom Digital as Managing Director.

In the same vein, Kebaso Mokogi has been reassigned to the Wholesale & Cloud division which is part of Telkom Digital as Managing Director. The new division is a restructured version of the previous Carrier division.

“This business restructuring will enable Telkom to sharpen its efficiencies, with respect to service provision and overall customer experience. It will also enable us to partner more strategically with like-minded entities, for example, in the telecommunications, technology, and financial services sectors. The end game is to be the technology partner of choice to our consumers, private and public sector clients,” Kibati said in a statement on Wednesday.

Telkom Consumer

 According to Kibati, Telkom Consumer will focus on data, financial services and partnerships.

The data wing will focus on investing in innovative technologies that will enable faster scaling of Telkom’s network and services and realizing better customer experience while the financial services wing will focus on enhancing its fintech products.

The partnerships wing will focus on working with developers and other technology solution entities in bringing faster technology to the end-user to deploy services and solutions that will address consumer needs.

Telkom Digital

The unit will focus on innovative approaches to create more value for Telkom’s customers.  It will also focus on making use of the company’s extensive fibre network, driving digital transformation by enabling public and private sector players to become smart entities, by way of leveraging technologies such as Internet of Things (IoTs), Cloud, Big Data and Analytics.

The division will also be tasked with increasing Telkom’s product and solution portfolio including providing solution design, hosting, and managed services, as well as other strategic post-implementation support and operational services.

These advantages will enable more flexibility for guaranteed uptime, higher service levels, and therefore more value for our customers.    

Telkom will also incubate its future cloud business, with the aim of providing a carrier neutral experience. 


Kibati stressed that no employees ill lose their jobs as a result of the restructuring.

“Telkom will be creating new career growth opportunities as a result of this structural evolution,” he stated ” Telkom will also be investing further in its people, with respect to skill development, to deliver our new strategic direction,”

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