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How Kenyans Can Find the Right Jobs

All you need to do is just check out all these job advertisements and apply for the vacancy you want to work for.

Konza City Creates Jobs for 60,000 Ethiopians

Ethiopia’s success story came from the country implementing the concept they had borrowed from Kenya

Can Human Capital Export Solve Unemployment Crisis?

Brain-drain is harmful for any country. Its effect on the economy and social area of a country are devastating.

Mix-up that Saw Uhuru Appoint Dead Man For Big Government Job

Through a gazette notice published on 16th October 16, the CS announced the re-appointment of Robert Kochalle, who died on May 28, 2018.

Kenya’s Unemployed Making Money in Short Term Contracts Online, Offline

Kenya’s gig economy employs 14.9 million workers accounting for 83.6% of the working population.

Teacher Who Bought College that Denied Him a Job

Years later, after accumulating wealth and even starting his own university, he returned to Inoorero University not to hire anyone but to buy the college.