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Nairobi Hospital’s Laundry ‘Side-Hustle’ Gets Kenyans Talking

Nairobi Hospital counts among its assets industrial-grade laundry equipment used to clean hospital gowns, beddings and more.

Medical Tourism: Dignitaries Admitted in Kenya Reveal Multi-Billion Opportunity

While Kenya's public health system is weighed down by corruption, inadequate funding, mismanagement and labour disputes - its private facilities seem to be fairing much better. Ensuring that the country's health facilities - both private and public - meet the highest international standards would open up a multi-billion shilling medical tourism industry in the country.

The Man Who Owns Lee Funeral Home and Sir Charles Njonjo’s Hand in it

Lee Funeral Home is one of the few the British citizens living in Kenya trust to do a perfect job when they are preparing their loved ones for their final rites.

Moi Re-admitted to Nairobi Hospital

Former President has been battling chest complications

Moi Discharged from Nairobi Hospital

Former president Daniel Moi has been discharged from Nairobi Hospital where he has been receiving treatment for the past two weeks. In a statement, the retired president's Press secretary and official spokesman Lee Njiru confirmed that Moi was discharged on Thursday. “The Moi family...

Former President Moi undergoes medical check-up

Former President Daniel arap Moi on Friday went for a check-up at Nairobi Hospital. He was later taken back to his home at Kabarnet Gardens.  It was not immediately clear whether the retired President was ill or it was just a routine check-up. Ugandan President...